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Guidelines for a Better Fit

Guidelines for Finding a Better Fit

  1. Add one size up on the bra-band and one cup size down from the recommended bra-fitting guideline.

For example, if a trained bra-fitter measures you as a 38C, try starting with a 40B. This will give the ribs room to breathe while maintaining a similar cup volume.

  1. Add a bra-extender to the back of the bra. These can be found wherever seqing notions are sold for a few dollars.

*White bra-extenders can be tinted to a beige-tan shade by soaking in black coffee (liquid) overnight. Let it dry and rinse.

  1. Look for styles that offer a leotard-style back, like a scoop where the straps curve together to meet instead of being sewn onto the band at right angles.
  2. Avoid the underwire, metal or plastic! Many styles can have the casing snipped and the wire removed while retaining the fit of the bra.
  3. Warner’s style “Back to Smooth” offers all of the above characteristics and can be viewed online as a starting point.
  4. Warner’s offers more styles for those with a slight build. Bali offers several wireless styles for fuller figures.
  5. Elastic and spandex want to be their natural size all day, too. As a rule of thumb, measure your own ribcage with a full breath in the area of the bra-band. Measure the garment you are considering, and compare. Even the super-stretchy pull-over bras can cause a problem due to their “sizing.” A Medium is usually too small for even a 34 inch chest!
  6. Sports Bras – Follow the above rule of thumb. Try to balance the need for restriction versus the need for oxygen in your activity.
  7. Camisoles and tanks often have a shelf-bra built in. The elastic band is usually too small even after sizing up. Snipping the side seams and adding some bias tape or leaving it open will give the ribs their breath! Sometimes removing the elastic from the back half of the garment is needed.

Tips on hosiery and socks:

  1. As noted above, elastic and spandex will try to recoil all day, so be aware of its initial size!
  2. Wear the least hose possible. For example, avoid pantyhose if knee-highs will suffice.
  3. Avoid “control-top,” and snip the waist band vertically if necessary of pantyhose.
  4. Be sure toes have plenty of room to wiggle in hose or socks.
  5. If your socks are leaving a mark or dent in the leg, they are too tight and inhibiting the flow of circulation.

Bras, Shapers, and Hose! What’s really happening?

Bras, Shapers, and Hose! What’s really happening?

Many ladies have arrived in the office with ill-fitting undergarments. Tight-fitting undergarments, such as bras, shapers, and hosiery actually defeat our best intentions for a healthy body and figure!

We have all heard the recommendation, “Breathe!” Optimal breathing is vital to our health for both oxygenation and waste-toxin removal.

Here is how it affects us:

With tight clothing, the ribs and abdomen are not able to expand properly. This decreases oxygenation and the flow of lymph back into circulation. Oxygen is required for fat to be utilized and “burned-off,” and our lymph is the fluid that removes waste from the tissues. Restraining clothing (shapers) decreases both our quantity of oxygen and the capability to carry it to tissue. The body will actually retain fluid and a layer of fat in response.

Snug bra-bands and underwires produce long-term deformities of the ribs. Women frequently have a flare of the ribs just below the bra in the front. The chest wall itself can become compressed and does not expand with the breath.

Tight stockings, pantyhose, or elastic socks play a role in the tension and deformity of the foot even if the shoe has reasonable shape. Modern day binding of the feet has occurred!

See “A Better Fit” for recommendations in fitting undergarments, camisoles, and hosiery.

Back Pain Relief

Dr. Coffman first treated me for back pain that reoccurred after two years. My surgeon had told me I had back spurs, and I didn’t believe there was a treatment for the pain. I couldn’t lie down without pain. After one visit with Dr. Coffman, I slept pain-free all night! I had complete relief from my debilitating back pain. It’s amazing to observe the dramatic effects of such gentle treatment. -Sharon M.

Osteopathy featured on KOMU


Thank you to Landon Burke of KOMU for the recent interview highlighting osteopathic physicians in pain management solutions. See Dr. Coffman’s interview at the link below!


Migraine Relief

I first saw Dr. Coffman after a horribly bad fall. I hit the back of my head so severely I was having extremely bad migraines daily. It seemed like a miracle that after one very gentle treatment, I saw some improvement. We had to work pretty slowly because my system couldn’t handle very much at a time. Within another four treatments, the migraines were gone for good. I cannot say enough good about my experiences with Dr. Coffman. She is also very caring, compassionate and serenely joyful. Her office and staff are calm and peaceful. I highly recommend her! – Pam S.

Help After Fall

“I am so impressed with Dr. Maria Coffman’s work. I had fallen last Friday and even though it was not a bad fall, I was having much pain in entire left leg, jaw, and shoulder. It was even affecting my walk. In just one, very gentle treatment, I feel so much better. My hips were not balanced and many other issues from the fall. I recommend her as excellent. She and her office staff are lovely and welcoming. The office has the feeling of peace and calm and healing.” -Pamela S.

Relief from Anxiety

“Since seeing Dr. Coffman, my anxiety has decreased dramatically. I have also gained a clearer focus and better awareness of myself and surroundings. Thank you, Dr. Coffman!” – Tekla T

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