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Dr. Maria Coffman, D.O.

Osteopathic Physician
Hands On Health · Columbia, MO

Patient Recognition

Positive Changes

I am amazed at how my abdominal surgical scar over the weeks has melted away. I’ve come to believe that changes inside are occurring as well with evidence of visible changes of the scar. My mental health has also improved. I have a much more positive outlook on my health and I am more positive about my body’s ability to heal itself. I am going to continue with Dr. Coffman, the exercises she gives me, and learning about how to continue improving my mental and physical health.   -J.F.

Back Pain Relief

Dr. Coffman first treated me for back pain that reoccurred after two years. My surgeon had told me I had back spurs, and I didn’t believe there was a treatment for the pain. I couldn’t lie down without pain. After one visit with Dr. Coffman, I slept pain-free all night! I had complete relief from my debilitating back pain. It’s amazing to observe the dramatic effects of such gentle treatment. -Sharon M.

Migraine Relief

I first saw Dr. Coffman after a horribly bad fall. I hit the back of my head so severely I was having extremely bad migraines daily. It seemed like a miracle that after one very gentle treatment, I saw some improvement. We had to work pretty slowly because my system couldn’t handle very much at a time. Within another four treatments, the migraines were gone for good. I cannot say enough good about my experiences with Dr. Coffman. She is also very caring, compassionate and serenely joyful. Her office and staff are calm and peaceful. I highly recommend her! – Pam S.

Help After Fall

“I am so impressed with Dr. Maria Coffman’s work. I had fallen last Friday and even though it was not a bad fall, I was having much pain in entire left leg, jaw, and shoulder. It was even affecting my walk. In just one, very gentle treatment, I feel so much better. My hips were not balanced and many other issues from the fall. I recommend her as excellent. She and her office staff are lovely and welcoming. The office has the feeling of peace and calm and healing.” -Pamela S.

Relief from Anxiety

“Since seeing Dr. Coffman, my anxiety has decreased dramatically. I have also gained a clearer focus and better awareness of myself and surroundings. Thank you, Dr. Coffman!” – Tekla T

Sold on the First Visit

I have been a patient of Dr. Coffman’s for a number of years. The first visit sold me. I had been having right arm pain for several months and had seen an orthopedic surgeon and a chiropractor without relief. Dr. Coffman assessed my situation and the arm pain and made a diagnosis of radial-head dysfunction. She treated the cause of the chronic dysfunction with a gentle manipulation and energy work for the emotion involved. The pain resolved completely in that session and did not return! –Elizabeth A.

Teary Travel Meltdowns

Before coming to Dr. Coffman’s office our family trips were delayed for a day due to our daughter’s severe anxiety, meltdowns, and tears.  We often delayed plans up to a day to recover from the anxiety!

After a treatment at Dr. Coffman’s office there were No tears, no delays, and we were able to take a peaceful family trip for the first time in two years.

I didn’t think we had time for an appointment due to packing and preparing for the trip but the hour used for an appointment gained us all many hours of a peaceful family vacation.  Thank you!


Grateful Patient

My pain all started with a knee injury from running. After limping
around with it for a month, I found myself having extreme back and hip pain. I had consulted with other doctors who wanted to inject my back with steroids, which was not appealing to me at all. I was able to get the inflammation down to a more manageable level by using some physical therapy modalities, but it never went away.

Each day, I woke up with pain shooting into my hip and down my legs.  At times, I couldn’t tolerate standing or sitting. I was unsure how difficult each day would be until my feet hit the floor in the morning. I found Dr. Coffman through a friend and prayed that she would be the one to help me get relief. I made that first appointment hoping for help, but feeling like pain was going to be a part of life forever. At least, that was what other doctors had led me to believe.

Dr. Coffman was able to utilize very gentle muscle techniques that gave me unbelievable results in that very first visit. I walked out feeling comfortable for the first time in five months. I was astounded and a little skeptical that it would last. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did it last, I was able to function again. I received a few more treatments and have to honestly say, that in those treatments, Dr. Coffman gave me my life back.
I am now able to exercise, keep up with my young family and do my job without pain.

Dr. Coffman has treated me in the most holistic manner that I have ever experienced. She understands my lifestyle and looks beyond just my immediate medical needs. I am forever grateful for the help that she has given me in getting back into life!

Grateful patient

Dental Connection

My daughter developed a cross bite and had been referred to an orthodontist for observation.  Dr. Coffman gently and respectfully treated the misalignments she could detect.  Not only did the cross bite resolve without any orthodontic treatment of any kind, but other minor health challenges resolved as well.    The time and money we invested with Dr. Coffman is so very valuable and began to pay dividends right from the start.  Our family is deeply grateful for her care.  E. A.

Meridian Mystery Solved

“I asked Dr. Coffman to help me with four mysterious bumps on my right elbow. These bumps turned out to be warts. Dr. Coffman proceeded to work on the meridian connected with my right arm and in less than 12 hours they were gone! They literally dried up and fell off!”  S. A.