Hands On Health

Dr. Maria Coffman, D.O.

Osteopathic Physician
Hands On Health · Columbia, MO

Many ladies have arrived in the office with ill-fitting undergarments. Tight fitting  undergarments such as bras, shapers and hosiery actually defeat our best intentions for a healthy body and figure!

We have all heard the recommendation “Breathe!”  Optimal breathing is vital to our health for both oxygenation and waste-toxin removal.

Here is how it affects us:

With tight clothing the ribs and abdomen are not able to expand properly.  This decreases total oxygenation and the flow of lymph back into circulation. Oxygen is required for fat to be utilized and  “burned-off” and our lymph is the fluid that removes waste from the tissues.  Restrictive clothing (shapers)  decreases both our quantity of oxygen and the capability to carry it to tissue. The body will  actually retain fluid and and a layer of fat in response.

Snug bra-bands and and underwires  produce long-term deformities of the ribs.  Women frequently have a flare of the ribs just below the bra in the front.  The chest wall itself can becomes compressed and does not expand with  the breath.

Tight stockings, pantyhose or elastic socks play a role in the tension and deformity of the foot even if the shoe has a reasonable shape.  Modern day binding of the feet has occurred!

See ” A better Fit” for recommendations in fitting undergarments, camisoles and hosiery.