Hands On Health

Dr. Maria Coffman, D.O.

Osteopathic Physician
Hands On Health · Columbia, MO

When I came to see Dr. Coffman, I was suffering from tinnitus, TMJ Dysfunction, anxiety, and a very stiff neck.  I had been to see several specialists in these areas who concluded that nothing could be done aside from taking medication.  Although specialists certainly have their place, their focus can sometimes be too narrow.  Dr. Coffman’s approach, on the other hand, took my whole body into account, and she discerned that I was out of alignment (a result of having severe scoliosis including spine surgery as a teenager).

From the very first adjustment I began to notice a marked improvement in my condition, and following this subsequent treatments, I’ve experienced a “chain reaction” of positive changes throughout my body-my right hip is sinking down to its correct position, my left shoulder is doing the same, my head and neck are steadily coming back to center, and my ailments are diminishing.

As if this wasn’t remarkable enough, Dr. Coffman, through her treatments and advice, has awakened me to the possibilities of energy medicine.  Not only do I feel my energies humming through my body for the first time, I have also become aware of my innate ability to heal.  I now feel empowered to take control of my own well-being through techniques she has shown me, techniques that are very effective and completely free.

Dr. Coffman is different from other doctors because she listens, has a healing touch, and empowers you to help yourself.    ~ T.C.