Hands On Health

Dr. Maria Coffman, D.O.

Osteopathic Physician
Hands On Health · Columbia, MO

Several years ago I pulled my lower back while gardening. Then I fell forward going up two steps and jammed my thigh bone (femur) into my hip socket. I saw my regular doctor who prescribed a muscle relaxant and narcotic pain reliever. I was advised to “take it easy.” The doctor warned that an MRI, epidural or back surgery would be the next step if the meds didn’t work. I took them and laid low but soon a pain began to shoot down my other leg when I tried to walk. When that happened that leg would not hold my weight.

I had been a patient of Dr. Maria’s before and although I live out of state I called her office. She arranged a series of appointments over the next three days. My husband made a bed in the back of our van and he drove me the three hours to Columbia. With each treatment she explained how I could strengthen myself and prevent further injury. I had come in with my borrowed walker and walked out slowly on my own! We returned the next week for 3 more treatments. I could walk with minimal pain! I didn’t need surgery after all. Thank you, Dr. Maria.